Carl Barat prefers being a solo artist.

The former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things frontman is currently working on his debut solo LP and is finding the experience "liberating".

He said: "Life really is easier not being in a band, it's very liberating. I've always liked working with other people, to have someone to throw ideas back and forth with, but it is really good."

Despite enjoying his new-found freedom, the rocker admits he was initially concerned in case his solo material wasn't very good.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I was worried before. I was always scared in case what I was writing was s**t. I just have to get on with it though and stop being worried."

Carl has promised fans that his solo material will be radically different to anything else he has done as he is tired of "hiding" behind instruments.

He explained: "I've demoed five or six tracks so far. It's a departure from me and all the bands, it's really different.

"I'm doing things I haven't done before and not hiding my voice behind guitars, which is essentially what I've always done, using guitars as the main voice. Just exploring the nakedness of it a bit more."

Carl performed at the Jack Daniel's JD Set in London last week.