British rockers The Libertines hired bodyguards while recording their new album - to stop frontmen Pete Doherty and Carl Barat attacking each other.

The pair's relationship has been sensitive since Doherty was jailed last year (03) for burgling Barat's London home.

Since his release, the pair have reconciled and the band are back together - but record bosses are sufficiently concerned to have hired each singer a bodyguard to protect them from each other.

Their manager, former Oasis boss Alan Mcgee, explains,"Quite simply it's to stop Peter and Carl killing each other."

So far the minders have only been called into action once.

Barat says, "When we tried to play some old songs, it ended in a fight. It was horrible. It was just waking up sleeping dogs. Not a good idea. The security fellas stepped in. They stopped us fighting.

"Every now and again you open up a new wound... we strive to pit so much blood into it and it just comes out."

05/05/2004 17:24