British rocker CARL BARAT has sparked new hopes for a The Libertines reunion after insisting he and former pal Pete Doherty have "unfinished business" in a U.K. newspaper interview.
The Dirty Pretty Things star and Doherty famously fell out over the latter's spiralling drug problems and his penchant for allegedly stealing from Barat.
The pair performed together during a Hackney Empire show in London in April, 2007, sparking hopes of a reunion - but it wasn't to be.
However, responding to Doherty's tribute to his former songwriting partner at the recent Glastonbury Festival, where the singer dedicated a song to his pal, Barat tells the Sunday Mail he's no longer ruling a reunion with The Libertines, the cult, short-lived band the pair formed.
He says, "As to whether The Libertines could reform, it's a big 'Maybe'. It's a question that follows me around constantly. Some school kid will ask, 'When are you getting The Libertines back together?'
"I'm thinking, 'Do you really think this is something I haven't given a lot of thought to?'
"I miss the purity of what me and Pete had together when we started out. It would be great to have that back. Pete always used to say, 'Imagine the songs we still have to write.' That thought is always with me."