U.K. rockers The Kooks' frontman Luke Pritchard has blamed bassist MAX RAFFERTY's departure on his addiction to drugs.
Troubled rocker Rafferty left the band in October (07) citing ill health, but returned to The Kooks shortly after, only to disappoint fans again by walking away from the Naive hitmakers for good in January (08).
Vocalist Pritchard has previously claimed the band doubted their future after Rafferty's shock departure, but accepts the bassist was overwhelmed by his "anxieties" - which pushed him into drug abuse.
And the understanding singer - who insists life in a top rock band can be "really difficult" - is urging Rafferty to confront and defeat his demons.
He says, "Max was in and out for a long time and we kind of made the decision that we wanted to carry on without him. Things got a bit much for him, I think.
"He was struggling (with) various issues (including) his anxieties and taking drugs probably a lot more than he should have been doing or wanted to be doing.
"Not to get some f**king violin out, but it can be really difficult being in a band, especially when you're like that. Max is the greatest guy in the world but he just didn't really know how to stop."