The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard was almost arrested by police in Germany after dancing to the Beatles classic hit Yellow Submarine in a nightclub. The singer and fellow bandmates were in Munich earlier this year (07) when he requested the Beatles track in one of the city's venues. But Pritchard was almost arrested by police after trying to jump on stage with the club's band. He tells MTV, "I was really drunk and I asked them (the band) to go and play Yellow Submarine and they played it but I tried to get on stage to play with them. "I was going to sing it and they went nuts, this guy grabbed me - one of the big Bavarian dudes in the full, little hat and trousers! "I sat back down but they phoned up the police and told them we were doing drugs in the building. Luckily we weren't so they didn't arrest us. Quite a funny night actually. We left kind of screaming and shouting."