British band The Kooks are planning to stage their own festival as Glastonbury is getting "too big".

The Brighton-base band are hoping on organise an event near their home city in the next couple of years.

Writing in the Daily Star, they said: "Although Glastonbury is the best in the world, something like that can't really carry on. It's getting too big.

"We love playing Glastonbury, but we couldn't walk anywhere last year as it was so full. And where you have so many people there it's hard to get a vibe."

They added that possible venues for their festival include Stanmer Park near Brighton and that they hope to achieve their goal within the next couple of years.

BOB DYLAN, The Eagles and Neil Young topped the list of people that the band would like to see performing at Glastonbury in the future.

These comments follow news that Paul Weller feels Glastonbury's atmosphere has waned in recent years.

Weller, who has performed at the legendary festival twice, in 1994 and last year, said that there is a noticeable drop in fans' enthusiasm, something he blamed on lack of genuine music fans and the recent bad weather.

Speaking to BBC6 Music he said: "The difference between doing it in '94 and doing it last year was that most of the audience knew the greatest hits, whereas in '94 they were music fans."

25/04/2008 12:51:53