The Kinks are releasing previously unheard track 'Time Song' on the 50th anniversary edition of 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society'.

The iconic rock group's seminal 1968 record - which was made in ''difficult circumstances'' when they were on the ''verge of disintegration'' - has been turned into a five-CD boxset to mark the five-decade milestone.

Amongst the unreleased material and rarities is 'Time Song', which was performed by frontman Sir Ray Davies and his guitarist brother Dave Davies and co at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in January 1973, celebrating Britain's entry into the Common Market.

Ray, 74, felt that the song was perfect to be included on the special release as it fits with the current state of British politics with Brexit.

He said: ''When we played a concert at Drury Lane in '73 to 'celebrate' us about to join what was called The Common Market, I decided to use the song as a warning that time was running out for the old British Empire.

''This song was recorded a few weeks later but never made the final cut on the 'Preservation Act I' album.

''Oddly enough, the song seems quite poignant and appropriate to release at this time in British history, and like Europe itself the track is a rough mix which still has to be finessed.''

The 'You Really Got Me' hitmaker mixed the track earlier this year, and the single version will also be available as a limited edition 7 inch single exclusively with pre-orders of the box set via The Kinks Music Glue official store, and as a digital download single.

Ray recently confirmed that the band had been back in the studio for the first time in 25 years, and while Dave said they've discussed the ''possibility'' of putting out a new record, going on tour is not on the cards ''at the moment''.

Addressing his sibling's recent interview confirming they had reunited to make new music on his Facebook page, Dave said: ''Me and Ray have spoken about the possibility of us working on a new album. Ray has a few songs he wants to finish. I have 3 or 4 songs I've written with Ray. We've been talking about it for some time now. We haven't discussed shows or anything else at the moment. [sic]''

Dave, Ray and the group's former drummer Mick Avory infamously feuded for years, but it looks like the trio have finally buried the hatchet.

Ray said when pressed on a reunion: ''Officially we the pub later on. The trouble is, the two remaining members - my brother Dave and Mick - never got along very well. But I've made that work in the studio and it's fired me up to make them play harder, and with fire.''

The reunion will no doubt come as a shock to fans, as Dave admitted last year that he didn't feel ''equal'' in the group.

Ray and Dave founded the band in 1963 and split in 1996.

However, the brothers performed together for the first time in almost 20 years in 2015, when Ray joined Dave on stage in London for a performance of 'You Really Got Me'.

The Kinks' classic line-up featured Mick on percussion and the late Pete Quaife on bass.

The 50th anniversary edition of 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society' will be available to purchase in various formats from October 26 via BMG.