The Kinks' Dave Davies claims his relationship with band mate and brother Ray is ''toxic.''

The siblings haven't played together since 1996 after a number of arguments and the 67-year-old guitarist claims he doesn't want to spend too much time with him anymore.

Speaking to The Independent newspaper, Dave said: ''The thing is, there's healthy relationships, and toxic ones. And the older I get, the more difficult I find it being around Ray, because - I don't want to use the word abuse - but I feel my energy seeping away from me sometimes if I'm with him.''

Dave insists he doesn't want to be ''stuck'' in a place feeling jealousy, hatred and envy and ''generally being unhappy'' around the band's frontman.

He explained: ''Being with Ray for too long gets me back in that cycle. But then, families are difficult, and you can learn from discomfort. Ray and I have been each other's most important teachers. Maybe that's the clue to the whole relationship.''

However, he also claimed that there was no animosity between the pair, saying: ''It's like some people prefer me and Ray to be at each other's throats than to be brothers.

''In my 30s and 40s, I resented the fact that Ray gave me so little credit for my input and creativity. But my love has always been relentlessly directed towards him.''

Dave will play his first UK show in 13 years on April 11, with a gig at London's Barbican Hall, and in January Ray discussed a possible reunion for the band's 50th anniversary, which he claims was ''as close as it's ever been to happening''.