The Kinks rocker Ray Davies fears gun crime levels in the U.K. are rivalling those in America.

The musician has opened up about how he was shot during an attempted robbery while on vacation in New Orleans in 2004, and the star is adamant his native Britain is becoming just as dangerous - especially due to a rise in gang crimes in London.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "It is disturbing how it is now on the increase, even in my home area of Muswell Hill (in London)."

Speaking in detail about his own shooting experience, he added, "You know about fight or flight - well I responded with fight. I found it totally unacceptable. I don't think people realise how they will react or behave in any given instance.

"You expect you will be passive but for some reason I was incensed and I chased the guy down the street. A car came with his accomplices in it and he took up the classic stance and shot me."