LATEST: A London pub landlord has caved into protests from fans of The Kinks to keep iconic band memorabilia at the establishment. Brothers RAY and DAVE DAVIES pleaded with the new owner of The Clissold Arms not to remove photos, plaques and records from the venue - where they played their first gig in 1963 - to make room for an upmarket eaterie. Retaining the shrine to the WATERLOO SUNSET rockers attracted the support of ex-BEATLE Ringo Starr, singer Marianne Faithfull and film director Julien Temple, who all signed a petition. And the campaign seems to have worked. CAROLINE JONES, of the pub's new developer, says, "We have no intention of removing it." Delighted Dave says, "This is fantastic for our fans. I've been getting emails from Japanese people saying they come over and visit the Tower of London and Big Ben then go to (this pub). Bizarre, but it's sweet."