The Kinks frontman Ray Davies has enraged US prosecutors by telling them he was "too busy touring" to testify against one of the criminals who attacked him.

The YOU REALLY GOT ME rocker, who was shot in the leg and rendered helpless as his girlfriend's purse was snatched in New Orleans, Louisiana last year (JAN04), was expected to attend court to see 26-year-old JEROME BARRA prosecuted.

But the 60-year-old singer told prosecutors he was too busy to fly to America until December (05) - and charges against Barra have been dropped as a result.

District attorney Eddie Jordan told the Louisiana court, "We do not need victims in order to prosecute as armed robbery case."

Jordan also suggested the charges may be reinstated when Davies returns to New Orleans.

Barra was accused of driving the getaway car for the man who shot Davies, who escaped with minor wounds. The gunman was never caught.

22/04/2005 13:32