Alison Mosshart says being in The Dead Weather is "thrilling".

The singer - who also fronts The Kills - loves being a part of the supergroup, which also includes members of The Raconteurs and Queens Of The Stone Age, because they each have so much to offer musically.

She said: "Every song was kind of written by everybody. It all really came out of old-fashioned jamming. Someone would play something, and someone would play something else off of that. I was writing lyrics 2,000 miles an hour to keep up. It was all very spontaneous and thrilling."

Alison is hoping the publicity of being in a band with Jack White - who is also singer in The White Stripes - will give The Kills a boost.

She explained: "I think it's a positive way to find out about them, because it's all music-inspired. One band influencing you to go seek out another band, that's the best press I can think of."