The Killers are terrified they won't be able to replicate the success they enjoyed last year (05) - culminating in their performance at the London Leg of the Live 8 charity extravaganza in July (05).

The MR BRIGHTSIDE hitmakers were thrilled when SIR Bob Geldof invited them to take part in the Make Poverty History campaign, and fear they'll never enjoy another gig as much.

Frontman BRANDON FLOWERS says, "That was a high point for us.

"We're kind of scared because we've had so many on this album (HOT FUSS), what are we going to do for the second record? We have to play on Mars or something to beat Live 8."

And the rockers have especially fond memories of their backstage jaunts.

Flowers adds, "We got to meet Dave Gilmour and Paul McCartney, talked to Sting and it was all for a good cause."