American rockers The Killers have hailed their "pretty rock 'n' roll" anti-drugs stance for enabling them to stand apart from their contemporaries.

The SOMEBODY TOLD ME group credit their "awesome" stage performance with their clean living and refusal to indulge in illegal substance-taking - despite the constant stream of narcotics offered to the quartet.

Drummer RONNIE VANNUCCI, 28, says, "We get offered drugs all the time, but we come from (Las) Vegas, man.

"We've seen it all. That s**t doesn't surprise us. I think it's pretty rock 'n' roll to not do drugs, right?"

Singer Brandon Flowers, 23, adds, "I guarantee I'm better than anybody who does drugs.

"Ronnie plays the drums like he does because he's not wasted and we're an awesome live band because of it."

18/02/2005 09:32