The Killers admit they've been ''lucky'' with their career.

The 'Runaways' rockers have recently returned with their fourth studio album, 'Battle Born', after a four-year break and the group's drummer Ronnie Vannucci is hoping they will enjoy the same success as they have done in the past but knows luck plays a big part in it.

Speaking about returning with a rock record when the charts have been full of dance tunes, Ronnie said: ''I think we've been pretty good at going against the grain a little bit. It's not really a conscious decision, but we have got our own kind of temperament. We gauge what we do and we've been really lucky so far - luck has a lot to do with it - so hopefully the star will align again.

''When the record's out of our hands you've just got to see what happens.''

While the album has a classic Killers feel to it, Ronnie admits they've been influenced by several artists when recording it.

He told Digital Spy: ''I think we've always been shameless about who we like and who's on our radar at the moment. The influences don't really show themselves until after the bones of the songs are built. When it comes to texturing the songs, that's when I think the influences come out.''