The Killers were thrilled when they were asked to support U2 on tour, because it gave them the chance to learn from their idol.

Singer Brandon Flowers is a huge admirer of U2 frontman Bono and insists supporting the Irish rockers gave him the opportunity to bolster his stage presence.

And he hopes his new found performing prowess will make the VERTIGO singer proud.

Flowers says, "He's great, we've learned so much. I saw them on the Elevation tour when I'd never even played a gig, so it's such a strange thing that's happened to us.

"To go from the heart of the Las Vegas date to opening for them, I have a whole new perspective watching them.

"They're the best band in the world, no doubt about it, and they're the best live band at the moment and it's an amazing thing. We've learned so much from watching all of them. We're just going to be good students."

28/07/2005 06:39