The Killers have confirmed their comeback with new track 'Runaway' and the announcement that their new album 'Battle Born' will be released on September 18th with Island Records. The news will be welcome news for fans of the band who've had to wait four years for an album after their first three, 'Hot Fuss', 'Sam's Town' and 'Day and Age' all came between 2004 and 2008.
First listen of the song suggests that The Killers are back to anthem-chasing, with the group sounding ever more like 80s stadium acts U2 and Simple Minds. So if you enjoy that, then great, for the rest of us though there might be the slight lamentation that none of this approaches the urgency that fizzled though their debut LP back in 2004 and even parts of their far more panoramic sounding second record. Indeed, their front man Brandon Flowers seems to be pushing at ever blander and blander lyrics and melodies, the only thing he seems to be running away from is having the knack for a catchy hook line.
That said, it's taken some amount of guts to come back so soon after the news that their live saxophonist Tommy Marth committed suicide in April of this year. Marth played on the albums 'Sam's Town' and 'Day and Age' as well as touring with the band expansively through 2008 and 2009.