The Killers had group therapy sessions.

Brandon Flowers and co were willing to do all it takes to get their first album in five years, 'Wonderful Wonderful' - the follow-up to 2012's 'Battle Born - made and even tried to get everyone in one room with a therapist to talk through their issues, but it was often an uncomfortable and unproductive experience.

In an interview with The I newspaper, Brandon admitted: ''We are different people, and I'm a very confrontational person. But I am working on it.''

Asked how they got through their differences, he said: ''We did (therapy) a few times, but even then, not everybody turned up, and when they did, not everybody talked.

''It wasn't always a comfortable situation ...''

Now, the 'Somebody Told Me' hitmakers are down to just two original members after guitarist Dave Keuning and bass player Mark Stoermer quit touring for personal reasons, leaving just Brandon and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

Brandon admits there has always been things that have gone wrong and that he'd hoped they'd have done more albums by now.

He said: ''We've always struggled. We struggled on the road, in the studio.

''Nothing has ever gone smoothly.

''We should be on our eighth studio album now, our ninth, but things always got complicated.

''We want different things, I guess.''

Asked if they are still on talking terms with Dave and Mark - who have been replaced by long-term touring members Jake Blanton and Ted Sablay respectively - Brandon admitted: ''We're not meeting up at Chili's [American diner] very often, put it that way.''