The Killers are being sued by their former drummer, who claims he wrote the band's hit tune MR BRIGHTSIDE.

Frontman Brandon Flowers received news of the impending legal battle via "a really terrible email" from the unnamed musician, who was one of many percussionists used by the American outfit in the years proceeding their breakthrough.

However, Flowers has blasted the claim, insisting The Killers wrote Mr Brightside without the drummer's creative input.

He says, "This guy who was in my band a long time ago is trying to sue us. We wrote Mr Brightside a long, long time ago, when we had a different drummer.

"He had nothing to do with it, but his wife is a lawyer, so she just sent a letter to our lawyer. You always hear about people coming out of the woodwork once you get big, but this is... wow."

30/03/2005 02:30