American rockers The Killers warn fans their second album will be completely different from their critically acclaimed 2004 debut HOT FUSS.

The Las Vegas group admit they are keen to reproduce the album's huge success but hope a new producer will help their sound evolve.

Frontman BRANDON FLOWERS says, "If we could make another record like the first one, then I think it would be successful. But I want to get a producer who will mess with the parts, somebody with different ideas on how to arrange it.

"We've already proven that we can write a perfect pop song, but I admire bands like Talking Heads for having hits that are still pop and rock, but out of the norm."

And the band already has 12 songs prepared for their studio stint in January (06) which fit the bill.

Flowers is particularly excited about WHERE WHITE BOYS DANCE: "We're holding on to it. It's our ace in the hole. It's a pop song, but when you hear it, it makes you feel dirty. Everybody's going to love it."