Rockers The Killers once narrowly avoided causing a traffic accident - when they fled a filling station after breaking a drive-thru car wash.
The band, formed in 2002, were touring in the early days of their career when their van became wedged in a cleaning device at a Canadian garage.
In a desperate bid to avoid footing the bill for the broken machine, they sped away - straight into oncoming traffic.
Guitarist Dave Keuning tells NME magazine, "In the early days, we toured in a van and, for some reason, we wanted to wash it. We were in Canada, putting it through a car wash. There was a sign that said, 'Do not put your car through here if it is bigger than this'. And it was too big and broke a part of the machine.
"Then we tried to back out and broke it even further. The manager came out shouting 'Stay there!' We said 'OK' then floored it. He had some kids chase us with a car.
"Our manager, Ryan, was driving; he cut out into traffic and he just barely made it - just enough to screw with the people behind us. It was exciting."