Rockers The Killers have launched a furious war of words with The Bravery after accusing them of stealing their look, style and sound.

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers insists The Bravery were a totally different type of band until they decided to follow in his group's footsteps to gain success.

He fumes, "They're signed because we're a band. I've heard rumours about that band being in a different kind of band.

"How do you defend that? If you say, 'My heart really belongs to what I'm doing now,' but you used to be in a ska band. I can see the STROKES play or Franz Ferdinand play and it's real, and I haven't gotten that from the Bravery.

"I think people will see through them."

Ironically, the Bravery's self-titled debut entered the British album charts at number five earlier this month (MAR05).

30/03/2005 02:30