PANIC! AT THE DISCO bassist JON WALKER has slammed The Killers for launching an attack on his band before they had even met. The American rockers were targeted by Brandon Flowers in a scathing attack on bands placed by the media in the 'emo' movement - emotional rock performed by musicians from comfortable backgrounds. Walker fumes, "Brandon Flowers? That f**king guy can rot in hell!" Drummer SPENCER SMITH approaches the situation a little more cautiously, although he doubts the wounds will ever completely heal. He says, "The whole feud thing was odd because we've never even met them. "A year ago they were the big hot band from Vegas (Nevada) and a year later we're the big hot band (from Las Vegas), and I think he said in his apology that he was jealous. "I still like The Killers and would like to meet anybody in the band, but this might be the little thing our bands have."