LATEST: PANIC! AT THE DISCO have furiously dismissed rivals The Killers' claims their pop punk music is "dangerous". The BUT IT'S BETTER IF YOU DO rockers are enraged Killers frontman Brandon Flowers warned British music fans to be wary of the 'Emo' movement, insisting it will sweep the nation and change the teenage generation forever. Killers guitarist DAVE KEUNING told UK music magazine NME, "All those bands, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, they are only influenced by each other and Blink 182. How can that be a good thing?" Flowers added, "Emo, whatever you want to call it, is dangerous." However, Panic! singer BRENDAN URIE replies, "Do I think of myself as dangerous? "Not at all! We're really harmless and innocent in a way. It's a shame that he (Flowers) feels that way really."