The Killers love touring in Britain because it gives them a break from the negative reactions they get from fellow American musicians.

The SOMEBODY TOLD ME rockers have been accused by Canadian band The Stills and New York group Secret Machines of not being 'real' - while people in their native Las Vegas are wary of their flamboyant image.

Singer Brandon Flowers tells London magazine TIME OUT, "Both those bands have an American attitude where it's not cool to be popular."

Drummer RONNIE VANNUCCI continues, "When you meet a new band in the UK and you're sharing a bill they say, 'Hey, you're a musician too? Nice to meet you.'

"It's different in Las Vegas. They say, 'Oh, you're in The Killers? Are you a fag (a homosexual)? Are you wearing eye-liner?' You just get static in the States."

18/02/2005 19:21