The Killers have ditched their British influences in favour of a more American approach because frontman Brandon Flowers has fallen in love with Bruce Springsteen's music. The US singer admits the band's debut album HOT FUSS owed a lot to the UK music scene. But now Flowers has embraced Springsteen to such an extent he insists the currently-being-recorded sophomore Killers album will sound quite different to its predecessor. He tells MTV, "I prefer to call it my rebirth. I fell in love with The Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys when I was 12 years old, and I never thought that could happen again. "But after meeting a lot of those people, who were my heroes and idols, and seeing them onstage, something changed. "Then I had another one of those 12-year-old experiences when I was 23, but this time with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. And it was just - it was elation. I couldn't believe how happy his music made me and how good it was. "He's a gift, and I didn't know. I mean, I knew BORN IN THE USA and GLORY DAYS, but I didn't know that he covered so much ground, and there was something in his music that touched what I was going through, the process of falling back in love with my America. "Springsteen touches on the American dream, and that's everybody's dream. "Most of the songs are about getting to that place, of making it to the promised land. I don't think it's about getting rich; it's the idea of working hard and having your castle in the sky."