The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has revealed his shock at a chance meeting with Sir Paul McCartney - the Beatles legend was dressed as veteran rocker Alice Cooper
The Mr Brightside hitmakers were in awe of MCCartney after meeting him backstage following the group's gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
And Flowers reveals the Las Vegas foursome were even more shocked to see their hero prancing around in a Cooper mask.
He says, "We were waylaid in the corridor by someone on the way back to the dressing room - it was Paul MCCartney and he was wearing an Alice Cooper mask. He was dancing around and then he took it off and introduced himself.
"At first, we all just stared at him. What do you say to Paul MCCartney? Eventually, we got chatting and he told us that it had been a great show.
"Meeting a Beatle was daunting. People in Britain know what an important band they were. But when you come from the States that feeling is magnified. They were untouchable."