The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers has responded to criticism he is "trying to be too English", insisting one of the goals with the band's new album SAM'S TOWN was to have a more American sound. The SOMEBODY TOLD ME stars have just released their second album and made an effort to get back to their American roots after being stung by the criticism. Flowers explains, "For me, the things that were deliberate were to sing like an American, because I'm an American. "I guess the American thing came from people who were talking about how English we sounded, and me actually singing with a fake accent. "Americans are getting a bad rap right now, and we felt that everywhere that we went, whether it was Germany or France or wherever, there's a look that you get when you open your mouth. "It's because of the war and everything that's going on. It's understandable, but to an extent it's not fair because we're just people that were born here."