Fans of American rockers The Killers were thrown into a state of panic at the band's recent Las Vegas concert, when a palm tree caught on fire.

Paris Hilton and her pals Kimberly Stewart and Bijou Phillips were among the revellers at the 7 October (05) event, which was put on to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel.

But the three beauties, who were seated in the front-row VIP section, were among the first to flee their seats when, threequarters of the way through the show, a hotel guest flicked a cigarette from a balcony in the palm fronds, sparking the blaze.

Black smoke engulfed the area, as firefighters quickly put the flames out. Hilton and her pals sought safety inside the hotel.

The band continued to play, unaware of the fiasco, as the fans' screams drowned out the sirens.