Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has retracted an initial statement saying he was disappointed by the quality of the main Pyramid stage's sound system.

Festival-goers complained during the headline performance from The Killers that they could not hear some of the set which led Mr Eavis to say to the press that the new system was not quite strong enough for the site.

But Glastonbury's technical team has defended its system and said that due to "unusual meteorological conditions" the Pyramid stage unit was forced to lower its sound to comply with the terms of the festival's licence.

The decision to then turn up the sound during the latter part of the Killers' set was made due to chants from the crowd and concerns over crowd safety amid growing crowd frustration.

Mr Eavis has now stressed that the PA system and the technical team were "in no way responsible or at fault for the complaints".

Chris Beale, festival co-ordinator, said: "The crew that worked on the Pyramid stage sound system were second to none – in fact one of the fastest, most organised and professional teams that I have ever had the privilege to work with.

"The press reports about the sound levels on Saturday evening for the Killers are unfair to those people and to the system."

Glastonbury officials concluded that a "fair balance" was struck between having decent sound levels and respecting local residents who are concerned by the late-night noise.

The future of the festival relies on the renewal of its licence which can be taken away should sound levels be repeatedly unacceptable.

29/06/2007 12:55:45