The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is urging warring Oasis brothers LIAM and Noel Gallagher to put their feud behind them for the sake of their fans.
Guitarist Noel quit the band on Friday night (28Aug09) after a vicious fight with Liam backstage at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris, France. Noel later explained his decision, revealing he had suffered "verbal and violent intimidation," and insisting the atmosphere in the group had become "intolerable."
The star's departure has thrown the band's future into doubt and The Killers singer Flowers is devastated by the news.
He is convinced the brothers should try to work through their issues so they can continue working together.
He says, "(It's) such a shame. They were a great band, iconic. The brothers should deal with their problems.The ones who pay are the fans."