The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers once suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction onstage - the singer split his pants and needed two assistants to help him change.
The star was performing a show in Chicago, Illinois when he fell over and tore a gaping hole in his trousers.
Flowers dashed offstage and hid behind a curtain until two assistants could help him remove his boots and find him a new outfit - and he is just grateful he had underwear on at the time.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "At a show in Chicago, I fell and split my pants, up the crack. This was the full-on cowboy phase and the real deal cowboy boots are not easy to get off. Someone got me more trousers and I was behind the curtain with a person on each leg trying to take off my boots. I had black underpants on so no one saw anything. Commando (going without underpants) would have been a disaster. A YouTube phenomenon."