The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is upset fans have been mocking the lyrics of his new single - because he laboured over the misheard line for weeks.
Flowers has come under criticism for the band's new song Human, in which he sings, "Are we human, or are we dancer?" - which some listeners claim sounds more like, "Are we denser?"
But the rocker wishes people would take the time to learn the tune's actual wording - because he slaved over the line, which was inspired by a Hunter S. Thompson quote.
He says, "That sucks a bit. I don't like, 'Are we denser?' as an alternative. I really care what people think but people don't seem to understand Human.
"They think it's nonsense. But I was aching over those lyrics for a very long time to get them right."
Human appears on new LP Day + Age, the U.S. band's third studio album.