The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has attacked rival rockers The Bravery once again, branding them "the reason" music is "getting worse".

Earlier this year (05), the rockers embarked on a bitter war of words, after Flowers accused The Bravery of copying his band's sound.

And, as they continue to trade blows in the press, Flowers has stepped forward to explain why he's particularly annoyed by his rivals.

He says, "I was upset that (the Bravery) were offended to be compared to us, when they are essentially riding something that we opened for them.

"They're the type of band that'll throw a TV out of a window because it's gonna be written about. That's the reason that music's getting worse. People are just playing the press, and The Killers are here to bring back good, old-fashioned music."

08/06/2005 03:10