The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has dismissed KAISER CHIEF NICK HODGSON's recent criticism his band are too ambitious to become as big as U2. Flowers has been left confused by drummer Hodgson's comments, not understanding how a band can be too hungry. He says, "Hodgson was asked who would be the next U2 and he said it wouldn't be The Killers because we wanted it too much. "That doesn't make any sense though, because all the bands who have really done well have wanted it just as much as we want it. "Things don't fall into your lap, it's about a hunger and a desire and, of course, we do have that. "I wouldn't be too disappointed if we're not a U2-sized band, but I wanna be in The Killers - not a B-list band. I've got a strong competitive streak, it's just in my blood, and that will never go away."