The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has slammed protesters who tried to prevent the band from playing at the Coachella music festival - insisting they should learn to love the Las Vegas rockers.
The Mr Brightside hitmakers headlined the legendary California event earlier this month (Apr09), but were hit with a petition from furious music fans who claimed the coveted Saturday night slot should have been reserved for a "real" rock band.
The Killers went ahead with the set, but Flowers is furious their inclusion in the festival sparked such outrage - calling on concert-goers to move on from legendary bands of the past and embrace their pop/rock sound.
He tells British magazine NME, "There was actually a protest against us playing at Coachella. People started a petition to try and get some other 'more epic' band to headline the Saturday night. But those people can f**k off. I'd put our set at Coachella up against anybody in the world's.
"People are still so obsessed with Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, those sort of bands. It's just not us. There are a lot of great bands that have been confined by the influence of these people we've put up on pedestals. I'm tied of it. I just want to knock them off. And people don't like that attitude."