The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has defended his decision to ban photographers from the band's gigs - because he hates seeing unflattering pictures of himself in the press.
The rockers don't allow press photographers into their concerts and discourage fans from taking their own pictures of the show.
Instead, the band use their own snapper and handpick photos to be released following their gigs.
And Flowers is adamant his decision to monitor which shots make it to the press is not purely down to vanity.
He says, "Everyone has an agenda. If you like me, thats super and you might put a great (live) picture up. If you dont like us, you wont. Ive seen people do both. Thats just how it is. So why not only put good (photos) out? Thats my motto.
"Its my photographer doing it, I get to go through them. It makes sense to me, I dont know why it doesnt to everyone else.
"(As a photographer) theres things you can do to a person when theyre screaming their guts out and singing their life away on stage.
"You can make it look funny. I dont think that makes me any more vain than the next person because I dont want people to control me. Thats them being more controlling than me if they want to do that stuff.