The Joy Formidable Announce New Album 'Wolf's Law' Out 21st January 2013

The Joy Formidable Announce New Album 'Wolf's Law' Out 21st January 2013

The Joy Formidable have announced that they will release their brand new album, Wolf's Law, on 21 January 2013 through Atlantic Records. Produced and recorded by the band in North Wales, London and Maine and mixed by the renowned Andy Wallace, Wolf's Law has already been proclaimed by NME as a record that 'could well see them become the next big British guitar band'. The band's highly acclaimed debut album The Big Roar blended vitriol, melody and intensity to thrilling effect. Their eagerly anticipated follow up Wolf's Law shows progression without losing any of their blend of angst, excitement and energy - or their ear for a good tune.

An assured, intricate record produced by the band themselves, it leads off with the intelligent pop rush of 'This Ladder Is Ours', and includes the distorted drive of 'Bats' as well as the yearning beauty of 'Tendons'; according to Ritzy Bryan, lead singer and guitarist, 'the closest we have ever got to a love song, albeit a very peculiar, fucking love song'.

Lyrically, the album is centered on nature and wildlife. From the title onwards; 'The Leopard and The Lung' was inspired by Kenyan environmental campaigner Wangari Mathai, a tireless campaigner for both women's rights and the ecology of her homeland, while the thunderous 'Maw Maw Song' is a tuneful attack on greed and consumerism.

The band's early release of a specially commissioned film for the album's title track set the tone, with images celebrating the beauty and sadness of life's perpetual motion. With album artwork by Martin Wittfooth, an up and coming Brooklyn based painter known for his work discussing the retreat of the natural world in the face of technological progress, 'Wolf's Law' is an album for both hearts and minds.