Former Jam frontman Paul Weller has launched a scathing attack on the music of Coldplay and pop newcomer James Blunt, describing their songs as "f**king bland".

The songwriter is delighted his children are as passionate about music as Weller was during his teen years, but thinks much of today's music lacks the vigour of music from past decades.

Weller, 47, says, "My two eldest kids are just mad for music and it's great to see another generation who are passionate about music, especially after those fallow years of Westlife and reality bulls**t. It's good to go out to gigs again.

"I don't get Coldplay and James Blunt though. They bore the s**t out of me. I've met Chris Martin before and I don't want to slag him off because he's a lovely lad, but his music is too f**king bland."