A car chase from 1960s classic The Italian Job has been named the best of all time in a new poll.

A breakneck races through the Italian city of Turin using the iconic Mini Cooper as voted the best car chase of all time in a survey of more than 3,000 people at cinema website pearlanddean.com.

The multi-car pile-up in The Blues Brothers was named in second, with 16 per cent of the vote, while a Parisian chase scene from The Bourne Identity - also featuring Mini Coopers - was voted for by 15 per cent of respondents to finish third.

Kathryn Jacob, chief executive of Pearl & Dean, commented: "You can see why these film car chases topped the polls.

"Many of them don't use massive amounts of special effects, which makes the chase more impressive.

"Featuring Minis rather than flashier cars appeals to the public because it injects a touch of British cool to the chase and adds cult status to the film," she added.

Other cinematic car chases named in the poll included a twisting sprint through The Streets and tunnels of Paris in Ronin, a chase through San Francisco in Bullitt and the rooftop rampage of the Batmobile in 2005's Batman Begins.

21/07/2008 09:29:22