Review of Eve Of The Battle Single by The Isles

The Isles
Eve Of The Battle (16/01/05 Melodic)

The Isles Eve Of The Battle Single

Slow and catchy bubble pop from New York City has found favour with a proud indie label from Manchester. This is probably due to the fact that the title-track breezes along softly with yearning, coated and comforting vocals that float along on the crest of slow, pulsing percussion and tempo maintaining guitars. The track gives off that laid back Mercury Rev feel before transposing into a charming pop song.

The sojourn into melancholy even has a strangely catchy and lively beat in 'Flying Under Cheap Kites'. The lyrics cut sharply against the smooth groove of the slow rising melodic guitars;

"I would be dead, but there's nothing worth dying for.
In my skin; there are times that I don't belong,
oh fuck, I am alive; there are less and less people I'm counting on."

The Isles have set their pitch with integrity, craft and mundane masterfulness. They won't be an island for very long, more like a haven for life dwellers that dig slow rhythm.

David Adair

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