The Incredibles director Brad Bird is desperate to make a follow-up to the hit animated film - but is worried bosses at film company Pixar are against the idea. The filmmaker, who also wrote the 2004 movie, is passionate about the characters from the superhero adventure, but is keeping any ideas for a sequel under wraps in case it doesn't match the appeal of the original, according to He says, "I love the world. I love the characters, and if I could come up with a story that was as good or better than the original, I'd go there in a second. "I have pieces of things that I would love to see in a sequel, but I haven't got them all together yet, and I certainly wouldn't want to come out there with something that is less than the original." But he insists film company Pixar is wary of movie follow-ups, adding, "Sequels are not part of the business plan at Pixar. It's all about the filmmakers being passionate about going somewhere."