British rockers The Horrors were reportedly thrown out of a concert hall in Massachusetts on Monday night (12MAR07), after lead singer FARIS BADWAN smashed an Elvis Presley ornament during their set. The five-piece group were ejected from the Great Scott venue in the Boston borough of Allston following the incident, bringing the gig to an abrupt end. Badwan is reported to have climbed onto a ledge to take the ceramic bust of Presley down from a shelf and smashed it onto the stage, according to the Boston Herald blog. An eye-witness writes, "No one was seemingly hurt, but this action caused the set to be instantly aborted and the UK neo-goths were told to evacuate the venue immediately. "Badwan left Great Scott in a huff, claiming he was spat on by one of (the) venue's staff. I wouldn't doubt it happened, as there was a brief scuffle once the bust was destroyed, though I didn't see it occur. "It was a shame, because while you won't be humming the band's songs in your head anytime soon, the creepy five-piece sure know how to put on a show."