The Horrors next album is going to be more influenced by synth pop.

The British gothic group - who started off as a punk band - said they are going to further reduce the influence of guitars on their sound with their third album, as they become more interested in "sonics" and pop music.

Bassist Rhys Webb said: "Our interest in electronics is a great passion. I would never say we're going to pursue a synth pop direction, but we will be making pop music and using electronic instruments, so synth pop might be an influence.

"I think what we're really interested in is sonics and how sound can communicate with the listener, how sound can make you feel."

Frontman Faris Badwan also said the group are looking for new instruments to experiment with before heading back to the studio next March.

He told NME magazine: "We're always trying to find new gear that's going to make the sound better. Being in a band is as much about learning different ways of expressing musical idea as anything else.

"How we write songs is very different now. It should always be different."