The Horrors want to "destroy" the internet.

The rockers insist that the world wide web is destroying the music industry and don't believe it improves anyone's life.

Guitarist Josh Hayward said: "I'm going to destroy the internet. Every social network site, every blog. No one is happier because of it. It's really interesting that now we have complete communication, we have less good underground bands. How is that?"

The group also blasted critics doubting the sincerity of their music and insist they are planning a long career.

Bassist Rhys Webb said: "What really p***es me off is people questioning the integrity of the band. I'm sick of reading about faux-bands like The Killers. I don't believe in it for a second.

"We're not playing for now and making the most of the situation. You can come and speak to us in five years or 10. We'll be doing this forever."