The Horrors star FARIS ROTTER was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night (07FEB07) after a stage stunt during a Birmingham, England gig went horribly wrong. The British singer injured his knee after almost falling from a balcony at the city's Carling Academy but battled on to continue his set despite his obvious pain. He says, "I climbed on to the speaker stack and then pulled myself on to the balcony. Then I just slipped, but I managed to catch myself. "My knee got sliced open and I had to go to Accident and Emergency - there was a lot of blood but the wound wasn't actually that bad. It opened an old wound I got in Nottingham about seven months ago when I jumped into the audience and landed on some broken glass." Rotter was declared fit enough to play a scheduled gig in Norwich last night (08FEB07) but refused to tone down his stage antics. He says, "I made two people bleed actually, but it was completely accidental. I pretty much jumped into the fifth row though - I had quite a lengthy run-up!"