The Hives frontman HOWLIN' PELLE ALMQVIST insists they are ready for a return to the stage after spending five years in "the dark ages".
The Swedish rockers haven't released an album since 2007's Black and White Hives, but are making their comeback with forthcoming fifth record Lex Hives.
And Almqvist is delighted fans will finally hear the album after the band was hit with a series of problems which prevented them from working in the studio.
He tells NME, "It's been a terrible couple of years for the band. We're out of the dark ages now though, but we've had a lot of problems. Problems of all kinds. Rock 'n' roll kind of problems, but we're ready to go now.
"All the stuff that happens in rock bios (biographies), all the things that seem like problems for a band, all that sort of thing. It's the same band though, now and forever. We had every other problem, but not that one. It's the same band. We feel really good now, strong, happy and excited."