The Hives singer Howlin' Pete Almqvist wasn't about to let a high fever stand in the way of their usual energetic performance.

The band – resplendent in black and white suits – delivered a storming set at the San Diego Street Scene festival on Saturday night (September 20).

"I have a fever of 1,500 degrees, but does it look like I give a shit? I'm going to rock each and every one of you into a burning cinder," Almqvist told the crowd.

Speaking to, guitarist Nicholaus Arson said they were hoping to play a longer set but had to abide by festival regulations.

"This is the shortest set we've played in five years," he said.

"The San Diego crowd can't handle more than 45 minutes of The Hives".

New wave icons DEVO also played at the festival on Saturday night, performing classic tracks such as That's Good and Peek A Boo.

23/09/2008 11:05:46