About half of the 89 persons who lost their jobs when News International shut down its News of the World tabloid over the telephone hacking scandal are getting new jobs within the Murdoch organization. In a letter to staff on Tuesday, N.I.'s CEO Tom Mockridge said that the company had "made available" 23 positions to those affected. "We are also developing a digital business, which will offer a further 21 jobs," Mockridge wrote. Today (Friday) Britain's Guardian revealed what most of those jobs entail. It said that the company plans to develop at least two websites focusing on showbiz and sports, with seven persons assigned to each of the sites. It also plans to hire three persons in multimedia and two in production. The showbiz site, The Guardian said, will seek to challenge the Mail 's popular celebrity and gossip site which has made it the country's top newspaper site with 70 million users per month. The new hires will also develop celebrity and sports apps for smartphones and tablets, a source told the newspaper.