The author of movie classic The Graduate is completely broke and faces eviction from his home, after missing out on the millions the 1967 film made. CHARLES WEBB, 67, sold the movie rights to the novel he wrote about himself and his partner, for just $25,000 (GBP14,700). The film scooped one Oscar, seven nominations and took $105 million (GBP60 million) at the box office - but Webb wasn't entitled to any more money. Now the author faces eviction from the England home he and female partner FRED emigrated to from California six years ago, because of $3,500 (GBP2,000) in rent arrears and debts adding up to $52,500 (GBP30,000). Webb's last chance is a sequel to The Graduate he has written called HOME SCHOOL, but he has to overcome a legal hurdle in France before it can be published. Because Webb sold the rights to the characters in The Graduate, French network Canal Plus can make a movie version of Home School without his permission - but Webb's lawyer is convinced he can take advantage of a law in France which means authors cannot sign away the rights to future works.